Aleta Lucia is an Australian luxury brand that embodies the personal style and influences of its designer, Aleta Bates.

Traditional handicraft techniques, travel, interiors, art and the splendor of traditional adornments worn by women all over the world are inspirations for the collections. Aleta Lucia collections are designed for evening wear, event wear and special occasions and command the attention of all in their presence.

Each complex piece is laboriously hand embellished with fine glass bugle beads and carefully created over a 12 to 18 day period. Attention to detail and upholding the standards synonymous with luxury goods is paramount to the Aleta Lucia brand. 

Launched in 2015, Aleta Lucia has quickly gained the attention of print publications and media where the brand has had outstanding exposure. In 2016 Aleta Lucia expanded into the international market and is now found in some of the most prestigious boutiques across Europe and the Middle East.